Hello Again

Helloooo my five readers!! Are there still five of you? Ah, crap! It's been so long I'm sure I've lost one or two. My bad.
Anyway, today I am returning to the blogging world. (I know, you probably don't believe me because I've said that a few too many times.) But, this time I mean it!

Well, I quit my *job for one thing. Yeah, I thought, what the heck, this extra income thing is for the birds. I should just stay home again. And so I am. I was hoping to do 'something' to replace said extra income. Still working on that. Until then, it's Ramen for dinner kids! (They don't mind. They actually like ramen for dinner, which makes me wonder if they're actually my children after all.)

Also, I miss writing. I've been writing, if you call editing a novel writing. It is, I guess, but it's much harder and much less fun than real writing. And I miss getting comments that make me feel like I have some talent. I don't get those from editing. All I get from editing is a headache. And indigestion.

So here I am. Blogging. And hoping to hold on to my five? Four? Three readers!! Don't let me down, people. Let me know you're still here.

And, because you're here, and because I love you, here's a list of the reasons I had a love/hate relationship with my job.

  • Loved the customers. Especially the old men. They're sweet and not afraid to flirt with a middle-aged woman and make her day.
  • Hated the snobby customers who were all, "These are very expensive, special clothes. You be very careful, clean these separately." (Yeah, yeah, lady. Just don't watch me as I drop them in with all the unspecial clothes.)
  • Loved my co-workers. 
  • Hated checking all the pockets in suit coats and pants. "Let's see what treasures you left in there for me. Oh, gum, and what the heck are these crumbs from? Are you eating crackers at church??"
  • Loved the smell of the place. Clean and fresh.
  • Hated ironing. Remember when you were a little girl and ironing seemed so fun and you would use your wooden iron and pretend to iron your baby dolls clothes? Well, ironing a couple hundred shirts a day is not. the. same. I often felt like I was in a bad Macbeth play- "Out, out damn wrinkle!"
  • Loved the schedule. I was here to get my kids to school and home before they returned.
  • Hated that I couldn't wear my pj's to work.
  • Loved making fun of people for their fashion choices. 
  • Hated that seeing all those clothes made my closet look positively pitiful. I mean, seriously, who has 21 dress shirts? And who can afford to have all their clothes cleaned and pressed by someone else? Not this girl.
  • Hated that after doing laundry all day at work, I had to come home and do laundry there. Something messed up about that.

*I worked at a dry cleaners for 7 months. Did you know the majority of the stuff people bring to the dry cleaners isn't actually dry cleaned? It's put into a big ole washing machine and dryer. Just like the one you have at home. Heh.


  1. I love that most of your comments you can just substitute clothes for books and all your comments relate to my job (or most of them).

    And what is that about the clothes going in a washing machine?!?!

    1. Yep, suits and things that are silk (and a few others) are dry cleaned. Everything else-washed!

  2. I'm still here. Glad you're back!


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