Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Feral Thoughts

Some days, ideas come to me like a spring rainstorm.  Thoughts drop and pelt my brain until they flow over into my fingers and onto my screen. I cannot type fast enough as my thoughts race ahead of me, looking back, urging me to hurry.

Other day, ideas avoid me- wild, feral cats who want nothing to do with my tame brain. I chase them, getting oh, so close. Just as I'm about to touch one, grab it's striped tail, it scurries away and hides beneath a rock. Then, I sit, hands still, hoping one of them will wander over and join me. They stay back, watching me warily,  sending an occasional hiss my way.

Today is a cat kind of day.  And, I really don't like cats.

(I'm definitely a dog person.)


  1. Rainy days and cat days always get me down *singing*

  2. LOL. I'm with ya. On all counts. I wonder how many writers truly have ADHD? And cats totally suck.


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