Things I Wish I'd Said

Don't you hate it when someone says something (usually insulting or hurtful) and you are so shocked that you just don't know what to say? And then, an hour, or a day, or a week later, you think of the perfect comeback? That has happened to me. I'm not sure why it always seemed to involve pregnancy or kids, but it does. So, here's some things I've actually been asked and the responses I wish I'd thought of at the time.

"Are those all your kids?"
"Oh, no, these are the good ones, the other 5 are at home."

"Are you planning to have all your kids so close together?"
"Wait! You mean you can plan these things??"

"Are you having twins?" (Asked by a nurse at the hospital a couple days before I gave birth.)
"Are you sure?"
"Well, I've had, like, 5 ultrasounds, but maybe your people missed something."

"Are you expecting?"
"Expecting what?"

"When is your baby due?"
"Two years, three months and four days."

And, here's my favorite, mainly because my real answer was so satisfying, though I was still hurt.

"When are you going to have that baby?"
"He's two weeks old."


  1. Love those comments that are really nobody's business. My favorite I found in a book that said when people ask her far along she is she replies 7 months. Then proceeds to listen to the remarks about how good she looks. The authors thoughts - "I may look pregnant, but not that pregnant!"

  2. I'm exactly like that. I can never think of anything good to say at the moment.

  3. I answered the door one innocent Sunday afternoon, only to have the person at the door say "Oh, you haven't had your baby yet?" and I replied, "Oh yes I have, she's right here in the swing, 2 weeks old!"

  4. Yes those dreaded questions!!! why don't people think before they say things? uhhhh so annoying!!!

  5. Ha! I've been asked some of those same questions!!!

  6. And I like your comebacks...what amazes me is thee most frequent question I'm's "are you done?...gotta good comeback for that one?


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