"Children sleeping, snow is softly falling

Dreams are calling like bells in the distance

We were dreamers not so long ago

But one by one we all had to grow up

When it seems the magic's slipped away

We find it all again on Christmas day"

I'm sitting here at 6am on January 3 with the Christmas lights on the tree and listening to carols. I guess you could say I'm resisting. I'm not ready for it to be over. Sheesh. You'd think I was 8 years old again. I remember being a kid and feeling such a let-down on the 26th. Even though I'd received gifts, something about it all being over was a bit depressing. That doesn't usually happen now. Quite the opposite. With all the preparation and busy-ness of the holiday season, I'm normally happy to have it over with. The tree comes down and the decorations are put away by now. I've been pondering the change this year.

There are lots of possibilities. The feeling that comes with Christmas is something that's hard to duplicate. The music makes everyday feel like a celebration. Anticipation is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Everyone is smiling and telling you to be 'merry'. But, I think it's something else and it has a lot to do with a fat man in a red suit.

There's magic in the whole idea of Santa. What an amazing concept as a child. You ask for what you want, and, if you behave yourself, this man you've never seen, (with the exception of his 'helpers' at the mall), will deliver what you requested. All you have to do is BELIEVE. Is there any time of year where that word is more dominant? I've seen it everywhere this year. Christmas ornaments and decorations with the word on them. I bought one. It's just the word cut out of wood- Believe.

I think the reason we all feel so good this time of year is because of that word. Everyone is believing in something. Whether it's Santa, or the magic of the holidays or even better, the One whose birth we celebrate. See, that's the real magic. There are lots of stories and theories of where Santa came from. I don't know, but, I can't help but see the similarities between him and the Savior. We pray and ask for what we want/need and if we behave, a Man we've never seen blesses us with what we've asked for. Amazing concept, huh? I've decided that that's why I'm so hesitant to let the season be over. I don't want this feeling to end. So, what can I do? How can I, or any of us, keep this with us throughout the year?

We have to keep believing. We need to believe in the Baby who was born so long ago. Believe in the Man he became, who lived to serve others. Believe in our Savior who atoned for our sins and sorrows, who died and lived again to pave the way for us. Most of all, believe that He loves you more than you can understand. Believe that He wants you to come home to Him. Believe in Him, then find a way to follow Him and live like He did. Live to serve, live to love. This year, if you are one to have resolutions, join me in setting a goal to BELIEVE a little bit more, then act on that belief. Maybe that way, we can all have these good Christmas feelings everyday instead of waiting for next December.

"Believe in what your heart is saying

Hear the melody that's playing

There's no time to waste

There's so much to celebrate

Believe in what you feel inside

And give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just believe."

-Josh Groban, 'Believe'


  1. I'm missing Christmas too! I'm with you, let's keep the feeling going!


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