Living in a State of Denial

Do you think if I ignore it long enough, that pile of laundry will just go away?

I'm much too busy reading agent blogs and

'how to write a query letter' sites to even consider folding. Maybe my kids will do it.


Oh, well. Back to the blogs.


  1. Laundry....what a pain in the butt! How dare it sit there nagging at your conscience! I put mine in a basket and hide it away so I can pretend it's done. (not very satisfying when your shirt's all wrinkled and you've just created the need for ironing....oh nevermind, that's what the spray bottle and the dewrinkle setting on the dryer are for!!) You're good, back to the blogs!!

  2. I just throw mine on the couch downstairs. If the kids want to sit anywhere, they have to do something with it. Maybe some bribery is in order...


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