This Week....

Do you remember this show? We watched it in reruns (I'm not quite that old.) and loved it. I always wished my mom could wiggle her nose and *BAM* the house would magically be clean. Yeah, now I wish I could do that.

This week is International Magic Week. Kinda funny that just this morning, Taz asked me if magic is real. I told him no. "So why did they make it up?" Good question. Maybe because we all wish we could do something without any effort. Wave a wand and ta-da- done!

So, in honor of this week's celebration, I'm going to try some magic. I'm going to make 5 pounds disappear!

Ala-ca-dabra, hocus pocus!(wave of my wand) Bibbity-bobbity-boo!

I'll let you know how it worked. What would you do if you were magically inclined?


  1. I would definitely do that housecleaning thing! And make the extra lbs disappear and all my meals would be magically prepared and the list goes on and on.....

  2. LAUNDRY...DONE AND PUT AWAY WITH THE SNAP OF A FINGER! How lovely would that be?

  3. I would fly. And make money magically appear whenever it was needed.


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