Day 6- Can You Hear Me Now?

I've been fascinated by sign language as long as I can remember. As a 7 th grader, I met a deaf girl and was so enthralled by her I decided I wanted to be a teacher for the deaf. That dream went the way of so many others I had (nurse, fashion designer, professional bull-rider- just kidding). The draw of the language never left me though. When I got my mission call to serve with the deaf, I couldn't have been happier. Now, so many, many years later, I don't use it at all. It's still a part of me, I sign in my head alot. I love the beauty, the art and the drama of sign language and I love the culture and the unity of the people who use it. I'm grateful for the part it has paid in my life, and if it ever enters again, I would welcome it.

That said, I am so very, very grateful for my hearing. Hearing my husband snore at night gives me such comfort, may be funny, but true. I'm thankful that I can hear music. We had a deaf sister in the MTC who said it would be worse to be blind because you couldn't see all the beauty, like the mountains. We (the hearing sisters) said we would rather hear, because we would miss music. The deaf sister said, "Music is boring!" We told her, that's because you've never heard it.

I'm grateful to hear the birds in the morning, the crickets on a summer's eve and the jets who fly over my house. Being able to hear my children speak, laugh and even cry is one of the greatest blessings in my life. (Of course, I could do without hearing the fights!)


  1. I always wanted to learn how to sign. Remember when they had the person at the bottom of the screen signing for Genreal Conference? I used to pretend I was that person sometimes at church when I was little. I would still like to learn.


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