The Family Tree

If we ever had a fire and I could only grab one thing (assuming my family was safe) I would take my laptop. If I had time for one more, it would be the Christmas ornaments. I know, I know, grab the pictures. Thing is, my pictures are spread throughout the house and garage and I could never get them all. The ornaments are in one place and they are, in themselves, a scrapbook of our family. The kids each have an ornament for each year of life-with their picture on it. We also have a family picture ornament for each year (19) that we've been married. Our oldest is 18, I'm not going to do the math, but it's ALOT of ornaments. So much that we've outgrown our tree. This one- has the kids' ornaments on it, including ones they've made over the years.
Our family tree is a small one in the front room. Someday I'll have another big one, I'm going to need it.
This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Sitting and looking at the tree. Remembering Christmas past and all the great times we've had. Family. That's what this time of year is about. It's the Savior's birthday and His plan is centered on the family.

I'm hoping that you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by the ones you love.


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