I Believe in Miracles

"I delight in the examples of those in the scriptures who walk by faith on their earthly journey. Each time I walk with Abraham and Isaac on the road to Mount Moriah, I weep, knowing that Abraham does not know that there will be an angel and a ram in the thicket at the end of that journey. We are each in the middle of our earthly path, and we don't know the rest of our own stories. But we, as Abraham, are blessed with miracles." Susan W. Tanner

Too often, I think of miracles in the 'Bible sense'. You know, water to wine and raising the dead. There are those miracles, I believe that with all my heart. But, if we are looking, miracles are happening almost daily. What the world would call 'coincidence' is very likely the hand of God in our lives.

I've had two such occurrences this week. Miracles. True blue miracles. I have sat in wonder as I've seen Him reach down and touch my life. Did I see His hand as the brother of Jared? Or a burning bush like Moses? No. His presence has been real all the same. I know (again) that He knows me, knows my inner heartache and longing. He cares when I cry and smiles with me when I laugh.

It's easy to think we don't have these kinds of supernatural experiences. Have you thought that? That perhaps you've been looked over or ignored while others bask in the light of His power? Ah, yes. That would be the adversary at work. He loves nothing more than to blind us to the evidence all around us. It's there. Just look.

Have you had an answer to prayer? Simple, right? Happened to me just today. Last night, I knelt in prayer and asked for an answer to a question. A fear, an uncertainty in my life. I was sincere in my request. Did I expect a vision? No. Did I expect to be answered right away? Not really. Today, I went to church like I do every Sunday. I struggled with my youngest who wanted to sit on my lap and to be taken to the bathroom. I tried and tried to listen to the talks. I knew I needed to listen. And then, a miracle happened. Through the words and the promptings of the spirit, my answer came. It was a struggle to keep from crying. Such a simple and beautiful answer to a heartfelt question. Something I guess I already knew, but needed a gentle reminder of and how it could apply to this situation. A miracle? Oh, yes. I marvel still. Tonight, I'll kneel again. This time in gratitude for the blessings in my life. For a Father who loves me enough to listen and then send my answer.

The definition of miracle is a wonder or marvel. I'll be looking for them, I know they're there.


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