Simply Divine

I gave a talk in church yesterday. The subject was 'The Divine Roles of Men and Women'. I like that word- Divine. I looked it up and one of the definitions was 'of God'. That fits. As in- child of God and daughter of God. We should remind ourselves of how divine we are. When you get ready for bed tonight, no makeup, hair combed out, jammies on, toothbrush in mouth, look in the mirror and repeat with me, "I am divine." It's what we are at our core. One of the Young Women values is Divine Nature, you know. We're trying to convince them that they are divine, too. Do you know what it means? To be a Divine Daughter of God? It means you can do hard things. That's something our esteemed and brilliant Young Women's President has been trying to teach the girls. Back in November she challenged them, their families and the leaders to memorize 'The Living Christ'. She even broke it up into sections. We started on Dec. 5 and each week there are a few sentences to memorize. I have to admit, I procrastinated. It was the Christmas season and with all the preparations, I simply forgot. Each week we would get to church and I would go "D'oh!" Here are all these girls who've memorized and I forgot-again. It isn't easy. It's long! But, these sweet girls took the challenge and have been working hard. A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to catch up. I knew I could do it, but I kept having these feelings of doubt. (Wonder where those came from?) So, I knelt in prayer and told my Heavenly Father that I knew I could do it, with help. That day, I memorized the first two week's sections. Then I memorized the next one. I stalled a bit after that because I had this talk I had to write. But, I'm back on track and trying to catch up. It's not easy. My brain isn't as young as theirs. And, once you've memorized a couple sections, then add another, the first ones tend to get mixed up. But, I figure if I could memorize all those songs from the 80's, I can definitely memorize this. I don't really like the whole new year's resolution thing. But, I love Personal Progress and setting goals. Sometimes the goals are easy. So, this year I think I'll try to find some harder ones to work on. Why? Because I am divine and I can do hard things. (My daughter, Sadie, is way ahead of me in memorizing. I'm so proud of her. But, then, she'syoung and has a lot more brain cells than me. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father lent her to me. She is divine!) P.S. For those of you who sent worried messages- thanks for your concern, I forget what great friends I have. I'm fine, really.


  1. I heard there was a Ward in our Stake who did the same thing. Too cool, I lack the confidence to do it. I should try.
    One of Kowhai's YW's leaders always calls the girls, "Daughters of the Divine", don't forget you're "Daughters of the Divine". She's awesome, sometimes hearing something over and over again is what it takes! Love it!


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