Birthday Gift

I'm a bad mom.

I can't remember what time my kids were born. I remember the days, isn't that enough? My mom could still tell you the times she welcomed each of us into the world. I don't know, I just didn't memorize it. I know the general time of day (afternoon, evening or morning). Well, I recently found out that the kids' birth certificates have the time on them! Saved!

With one exception.

Sadie. I'm not sure if it's because her certificate is a different format, or if for some

reason the state doesn't have that info. I feel bad.

I can't even tell her that much about her birth.

After having seven labors/deliveries, the details tend to get foggy. I get them mixed up.

How awful is that?

I do remember some things about each one, and I wrote some of them down.

But not all.

What I can tell you is that Sadie was an easy labor. She came out and promptly peed on me.

I didn't mind.

When they weighed her, (10lb. 11oz.) the doctor said,

"7 pounds of that is hair."

It's true, she had tons of black hair. She was beautiful.

And she wasn't green!

That may sound weird, but most of my kids were born a bit green. They all pooped

before they were born. If you have a green baby, they always whisk them away to the nursery

to be checked out.

Sadie got to stay with me. She was quiet and calm.

She was a gift.

Still is.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, kind, smart, talented daughter.


  1. I get the times and weights of my kids mixed up too. Happy Birthday!


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