Music to My Ears

If we had to stand in line in the pre-existence to get talents, then I slept in the day they gave out the musical gifts. (My sisters would say that I was stuck in the line for soft skin. What.Ever. Soft skin a good thing, Heidi.) My husband isn't musical either, and our poor children inherited our crappy genes.  Seriously, when we sing during family home evening, we have to keep the windows closed.  If we left them open, all the dogs in the neighborhood would join in.
I always wanted to be musical.  I sang along to my Donny & Marie and Carpenters records.  My sister and I played 'music star' using a spatula as a microphone.  I tried to play the clarinet- that lasted less than a year. My parents should be sainted for living through three kids who learned (or tried to learn) the clarinet. Have you ever heard a beginning clarinet player? No? Lucky you.
  In college, I took a piano class, thinking I would finally find my niche. I got a D.
At the beginning of this year, Spencer told me he wanted to be in the sixth grade orchestra. Okay, I thought, maybe he got some of the talent my mom and sisters have. I asked what he wanted play? The cello.
Oh! If I could play any instrument it would be this one. I think it's beautiful.  The sound, the way you look sitting behind it. It's all good.  Learning to play it- yeah, not so much.  It's almost painful, like a cat with his tail in the door. But, Spencer has persevered and worked hard to learn. I went to his concert this week where he did so well. I was very proud and a little jealous. If I can't be a musician, I'll live my dream through my kids.
 He told me that next year, he wants to change instruments. Yes!   No more whining cat during practice. What does he want to try?
 The clarinet.


  1. I really enjoy listening to a well played cello! I also enjoy the clarinet. It's always fun listening to beginners isn't it? At least a piano won't screech at me.

  2. That is so funny!!! He will probably do very well.

  3. This made me laugh because I "played" the clarinet for two years and I'll never forget that sound it makes when you're learning! It's aweful. Good for Spencer for trying new things!


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