The Pool of Bethesda

One of my favorite Bible stories is in John 5. It's a story of the pool of Bethesda, which had healing properties.  When the water was 'troubled', the first person in would be healed.  An older man was near the pool when Jesus asked him, "Wilt thou be made whole?" 
This man had been sick for 38 years and every time he tried to get into the pool, someone would get there first.  He told the Savior this and added that he had no one to help him get in the water.
Ever the compassionate healer, Jesus tells him, "Rise, tak up they bed, and walk."
I'm not sure why this story is so dear to my heart. Perhaps it's the image of this elderly man, feeling so frustrated and alone. How many times have I struggled with whatever trial is weighing me down?  Though surrounded by family and friends, I have nevertheless found myself feeling alone with none to help.  I can see the answer right there, but for some reason, I can't quite reach it.
I think it is then that I need to be still and listen.  With the noise of life, maybe I just can't hear the question,
"Wilt thou be made whole?"
We can't always do it on our own.  Sometimes the answer we think is right, isn't.  And, this might be the time that even the people we love can't pull us up.  This is when we must rely on the Lord.  He is waiting for us to ask and often is waiting to heal us.  He knows our struggles and our pain.  He knows when the answer is someone or something.  But, I suppose that sometimes He knows that what we need is Him. When we have done all that we can, then is the time that we can bring it to Him and through His grace He can make us whole.

"Come cast your burden on the Lord,
And trust His constant care."    ("How Gentle God's Commands" Hymns #125)


  1. I love your writing style, and the fact that you aren't afraid to just put your testimony out there. You are amazing to me. Thanks for the reminder.


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