There's a character in my book who is a link. This means she can see the connections between people- good or bad. I got the idea for her gift from a night when my sisters and I were together in a car. We were talking and laughing, the four of us, and I could imagine a connection between us. Like a golden chord, it joined us in a circle.  I know I've blogged about them before, but I will do so again. I love them. I count myself so blessed to have 3 of them.

Heidi, Ellen and Me

Our lives are very different, yet, when we're together, the bonds that were forged through our childhoods erase the lines that separate us. Having just 2 years between each of us, we grew up as playmates. We loved jacks and roller skating. We took swimming lessons together and rode bikes all over whatever neighborhood we happened to live in.

Of course, we fought. Sometimes the battles were bloody- mostly when I attacked with my nails. Heehee, ten weapons right at the tips of my fingers! Feelings were hurt and insults spit out. (Fartknocker. Yep. You heard me. That's the name we sometimes used. I think I used it for the last time when I called Heidi that in the foyer in church. Mom was horrified. Guess she had good reason. =) But, when all was said and done, we made up and went on.

Heidi is the oldest, and she played that part well.  I couldn't sleep with her because I had soft skin. If I did have to sleep with her, she would mark a line in the middle of the bed which I was not allowed to cross. I can talk about this now, because she knows all is forgiven. We tease her alot about the way she tormented us. Last night we teased her and hid her phone. Ellen almost wet her pants-twice.

Nights like last night are priceless. We ate way too much, then stayed up too late. I ended up staying over and sleeping with Ellen. It reminded me of when we were 13 and 11.
 Our bedroom was in the unfinished basement and it was filled with corners and half-built walls which, surely, held all kinds of evil when the lights were out. We had our beds foot to foot.  The light turned on with a little chain and we tied a string to it. Then, we tied the string to the foot of one of our beds.  I loved it when it wasn't my turn to turn out the light. I could lie under the covers, safe from the monsters under the bed.  Ellen would get  as covered as possible then reach down, pull the string and flop back in bed, pulling the covers up as quick as she could.  We were such chickens!
I don't know what I'd do without them.

"Sisters share the scents and smells-the feel of a common childhood." -Pam Brown

(I know I missed a day. I'm blaming it on the fact that I was sewing. Just call me The Bag Lady.) 


  1. So .... You're saying there's a chance for my lovelies to be friends??;)

    Very sweet post

  2. love that bag and I love sisters too!


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