"You look lost." 
"I do?"
"Where 're you headed?"
"Well, I was just about to figure that out."

Castaway is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the ending scene (above) where he's trying to figure out where he's going. 
That's kind of how I'm feeling lately.
I was so completely focused on getting my book finished so I could submit it.
I know that I now need to do a major re-write. 
I sat at the computer last week looking at the first page.
I stared and stared. 
I changed one sentence.
Then I turned off my computer.
I feel like my life has stalled.  I'm in the middle of the road.
I know where I want to go, but no longer think I know how to get there.
Maybe some time on a deserted island would get the creative juices flowing.
Maybe I just need a kick in the pants.


  1. just get started down one of those roads. If it doesn't take you there, turn around -- nothings worse than being stagnant.

    Good luck!

  2. Much luck! How does that saying go? Something about enjoying the scenery while you find your way?!


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