Friday, June 3, 2011

Better Day

(This was written yesterday. No surprise, I'm a day behind.)

This afternoon, Noah begged me to push him on the swing. I dragged myself outside to help him. No underdog, he informed me. I complied .  It only took a couple pushes because (hooray!)he’s learned to pump.  I stepped back and laid on the warm, black surface of the tramp.  The backs of my eyelids blazed red as I soaked up some much needed vitamin D.  I laid there, listening to the creak of the swing, taking deep breaths,  thinking about my day and how much more relaxed I felt than the day before. 

I’m not made for being a chauffer.  I counted a total of 7 trips I made on Wednesday. (Almost a half tank of gas! Ga!)  I came home angry and frustrated.   I growled at my kids and was prickly to my husband. Once dinner had been served, I parked my car-seat-shaped-butt on my bed, announcing that I was not moving for the rest of the night.  I didn’t.  When I said my prayers, I’m ashamed to say, I was still cranky.

Lucky for me, we have a Father who knows and loves us, even when we’re grouchy.  He knows what we need, even when we don’t. 

I was supposed to have another day of running back and forth, but things turned out differently.  I was able to be home. I cleaned , I vaccumed, I laundered.   Funny how the things I complain about were the very things I needed to do to feel normal again.  I sat with Noah on my lap to watch cartoons. Heavenly day- we both took a nap!  When the kids arrived from their next-to-last day of school, I was there and happy to see them, to listen to their stories and admire their artwork and serve up less-than-nutritous snacks.

Today, my loving Father gave me what I needed. A day of home.  A day to be a mom. A day to rest.  Tender mercies to remind me that I’m known and loved and watched over.

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