I'm Back

My week without media was eventful. Honestly, if that's what's 
going to happen if I cut TV and internet out, then you can
rest assured I will be spending lots of time surfing and watching.
Here's an update on my week-

ER Visit #1
Monday, Max fell off his skateboard. On the one hand it's weird 
because he's sooo good, on the other hand, not so much.
He's always on it and is quite the daredevil.

ER/Instacare Visit #2
Tuesday, Jacob started complaining of an earache. 
I was a bad mom and told him we'd wait a day to see how it was.
I figured it'd go away.
His doctor gave me a piece of humble pie along with his diagnosis-
a very serious ear infection.

This was our couple bonding activity this week. 
Since the Handy Man and I were reading the same one,
I got a copy from the library.We both finished it.
(Have I mentioned what a genius Brandon Mull is?)

"Max, why do you have your church pants on?"
"Ninjas have to wear all black...or all white."
"Do ninjas have splints on their wrist?"
"Uh, yeah, after a battle."

ER/Intstacare Visit #3
Adam hurt his foot on Monday. Not wanting to jeopardize my 
'worst mom ever' status, I kept telling him he was all right, probably just bruised something.
When he came home on Saturday reporting that his boss said he needed an 
X-ray before Monday, I took him in.
No break. He does have a 'level 2 sprain'. 
Not sure what that means. Is there a level 3? And is level 2 
better or worse than level 1? 
I still don't know.  I do know it was bad enough for a brace
and he has to limit his use of it for 3 weeks.

So, there it is.  That's not counting all the cleaning I did-sorry no pictures. 
I did get writing done. Not as much as I'd hoped, but LOTS more 
than in the past weeks.
It was a good week. I don't plan to repeat it for a while.
Oh, except for next week when I go to girls camp.


  1. Very glad you're back and sorry that if you had to visit the ER it couldn't of been my ER. :(


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