I'm a slacker

No excuses. Just life and my general laziness. Here's what's been going on-

  • I bought a mumu. Actually, I bought 2. My kids are not impressed. Guess it makes me look like an old lady. My husband thinks they're hot. 
  • Went to our Relief Society 'not-homemaking-not-enrichment' get-together and learned new things about my neighbors. Who knew that Jenn likes muscle cars or that Jeannie likes Rascal Flatts? I do, now. 
  • Took Max and Hunter to the scout office for pack night. They got to try the climbing wall. Great fun!
  • Max on one of his 4 trips to the top.

Hunter made it almost halfway up. A HUGE accomplishment for him!
  • Saw Harry Potter with the Handy Man.  Honestly, JK Rowling is some kind of genius. I loved it!  (Harry Potter post coming soon.)
  • Made a diaper bag for my gorgeous sister-in-law, Kerrie. It's a little late. My new niece is almost 2 months old. The bag is sooo cute, though, I think she'll forgive me. (Pictures coming after I get it to her.)
  • We had a 24th of July neighborhood picnic.  It should be called the Best Attended non-Ward Sponsored Ward Activity. Lots of good food and fireworks. (Do you know what happens when you pick up a firecracker that hasn't finished cracking? Ask my son. No, not one of the young ones, the one who is supposed to be an adult. Luckily, he just has blood blisters to show for it and not missing digits.)
  • This is my non-busy week. I have a lunch with my sisters, date night with Handy Man (have you seen the previews for 'Cowboys and Aliens'? I'll let you know how it is.) and girls night with my friends from West Valley. How is that non-busy, you ask? Because next week I'm off to Idaho for youth conference and the week after, back to Idaho for a family reunion.

     Gads, thank heaven school is starting soon!


      1. Can't wait for the girls night!!

        Love hearing about your life.

      2. I can't wait either! For GNO and to see pics of the bag! ;)

      3. Sounds like fun and not really very lazy. =) I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about Cowboys and Aliens!


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