Blessed September

Maybe it's because I was born in the fall. My spirit, whose memory is suppressed by my limited mind, surely remembers the season when I first arrived on this earth. That spirit, with the veil so thin, must've reveled in its new body and the miraculous feeling of being here.  Now, every year, when the heat of summer cools and the leaves put on a fashion show, my spirit nods and smiles at the memory.

September, in itself, is a magical month. The kids are back in school, the weather is kinder, there is a feeling in the air that is undeniable. Take a deep breath, smell it? That's the aroma of autumn. I. Love. It.

This is my birthday month. I've never minded my birthdays, even this one. Can you believe I'm halfway to 90?

That may sound depressing, not so. I've done alot in the past 45 years, think of all I can do in 45 more!

I did mention that the kids are back in school, right?

And, this is the month for the Relief Society broadcast. I love General Conference, but this is my favorite meeting.  It's always good to hear the counsel that is just for us as women.  And, I get to go with my mom and my sisters. It's a great way to celebrate my birthday- spiritual inspiration and my favorite women.  Just to get you as excited as me, here's one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite speakers-
"And He needs us today.  He needs us to speak up for what it right, even when doing so is unpopular.  He needs us to develop the spiritual maturity to hear the voice of the Lord and detect the deceptions of the adversary.  He delights in women who keep their covenants with precision, women who reverence the power of the priesthood, women who are willing to 'lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better'.  He needs us to be everything we can be, to 'arise and shine forth, that our light may be a standard for the nations'."
Sheri Dew is definitely on my BFF list. It's a great talk, you can read the entire thing  here.

Yep, September. I'm so happy you're here. Sit, stay awhile.


  1. September is a special month because you came into my life. Sheri is right - there is peace when we honor our covenants. Have a wonderful birthday month!

  2. I LOVE Autumn and Spring! I was just thinking this morning, "Why do I have to be allergic to my two favorite seasons!?" I think Autumn trumps them all with it's fragrance though! So excited!


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