A Conversation

My daughters came to me last night with that 'we want something' look on their faces.  They batted their eyes and called me 'Mommy'.  Then came the favor.  And, after begging me to take them and a friend to the movies this weekend, I asked the girls what was in it for me.

"What do you mean?" 

"I mean, what will you do for me in return?"


"Like, you could babysit all day on Saturday...."
I was rudely interrupted.

"Remember, I have that party." 
"And I have a service project."

Hmph!  Service.  What. Ever. Giving me a day with the Handy Man would be service.

"I know, we could do her laundry."
"We don't even do our own laundry."

Yeah, good point.

"I will think of something," I assured them.  They then smiled and squealed and did the 'we're not worthy' move and I think one of them called me Holy Mother. Weird.
I will think of something, though. Child slave labor-willingly given- is hard to come by.


  1. I'm with you, service begins at home. I think you should give them one of those chores that no one ever seems to get to. Baseboards with a magic eraser? Hand scrubbed kitchen floor? Or!!, you could assign the making of dinner Sunday night to them? Sorry, just daydreaming really. I love it when my kids want something. Things actually start getting done round here. Have fun thinking of your payback!


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