The Great Halloween Debate

The Handy Man and I don't always agree. Shocking, I know.  When we were engaged, I thought this would never happen.  We were young and in love and hormonal.  We liked the same movies, loved Mexican food and both wanted a big family.  Compromise? It just wouldn't be necessary. hehehe. Isn't it funny the things we learn?

For example- my husband hates Halloween. Hates. It.  It's a pagan holiday, he claims. Well, I grew up celebrating Halloween every year.  I remember fondly the Snow White costume, with its plastic mask with teeny-tiny holes for the eyes and nose,  and its highly flammable plastic dress.  I looked awesome!  One year, my mom made me a princess costume and several years, I was a hobo. (I'm sure my kids don't even know what that is.)  But, amid all the memories, not once did I get into any pagan worship. Unless you include the worship of chocolate, of that I am guilty. Still.

If  my husband had his way, our kids wouldn't have gone trick-or-treating, had costumes, nothing.  This was one time I had to put my size 11 foot down.  No way were my kids going to be 'those kids'.  Plus, this is one of  the best days to be a child.  Come on! Free candy and dressing up?  Aint nothing better.

Then, one year, I finally found out why Handy Man felt this way.  We were visiting my in-laws one Sunday afternoon when the subject of Halloween came up.  My sweet mother-in-law started going on and on about  what a stupid holiday it is and how much she hates it.  Wow.  That makes so much sense.  If the person who is basically in charge of Halloween- buying the costume, taking you trick-or-treating, etc.- hates it, well it's pretty easy to see why my the child does.   What is supposed to be a fun-filled day of candy and play could very well be  miserable  if mom isn't on board.

So, we compromised.  Our kids got to have costumes and all the candy needed to totally rot their teeth.  We buy candy and hand it out. (He'd love it if we just turned off all the lights.)  And, me? I don't dress up and I don't decorate for Halloween.  Oh, I have the fall decor, but nothing remotely spooky.  It's all right, I told myself.  Though I got pangs of jealousy every time I saw a cute Halloween house or the displays at stores,  I kept my inner goblin buried.

Until this year.  This year, my sister's annual party (which the Handy Man never dresses up for), is going to be held at my house.  I broached the subject with my husband carefully, expecting something negative.  I didn't even get an eye roll.  When I said I'd been suppressing my Halloween instincts for twenty years, he just agreed.  (Gosh, he loves me.)

Now, my house is a chrysalis.  Transforming a bit every day.  I scour the Internet looking for ideas, and my kids are amazed with each addition.  I didn't realize how much I was missing until I began.  I walk around looking at my house with a smile.  There are no pagan gods, to be sure.  Just lots of cobwebs, spooky pictures and the like.  (I'll post pictures of the party so you can see!)

The Handy Man hasn't said much.  He's taking it well. The only request I got was when he asked if I wanted him in costume. I told him no.  That would be asking too much. And, isn't that what compromise is all about? Knowing when to stop.

 On Tuesday, the ghosts and witches will come down and things will get back to normal.  Of course, the chocolate worship will continue.  Where are those bags??


  1. Love it! I want to see pictures-- I think Halloween has turned into one of my favorite holidays since we've had kids. Thanksgiving is still first- you know me and my giving thanks bit:)

  2. I want to see pictures of what you came up with. My house has never been decorated for Halloween, but, thanks to Pintrest, it has taken on a "witchy" appearance. Maybe I'm just expressing my true inner self. Hee Hee

  3. Yeah, my kids have let me know that my witch costume is appropriate.

  4. Oh fun! Wish I had the energy to decorate. We don't even have pumpkins yet. We'll get there! Can't wait to see your pics!

  5. I want to see the pictures too. Sounds like a fun Halloween!


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