Survivor Update- Weeks 2 & 3

I missed the last couple weeks of Survivor updates, so here's the condensed version- plus some contestant intros.

 The second person voted out was Christine.
She pretty much sealed her fate on day one when she offended Coach. (He's a returning player, placed in the 
game to cause drama.  It worked, he's so annoying.)

Don't feel too bad. This picture is deceiving. 
This is how she looked at tribal council...

She's very outspoken, which can be good in this game, or as in her case,
very bad. 
I was ready for her to go after tribal council.
Mainly because in that 15 minutes, she rolled her eyes more
than my teenagers do in a week.

Next was the guy who called himself Papa Bear.
He was nice.  His downfall was his age and fitness level.
He didn't do well in the challenge and his tribe gave him the boot.
The age thing is why I worry for Dawn and Rick, tho' Dawn kicked butt
at the challenges. If she keeps that up, she'll last longer.
Rick is the strong silent type, which is great! There's been many a winner
who just went along, doing their thing without making waves.
I only worry because he is strong physically and at some point,
the leaders in the tribes are going to notice.

Now, I'll introduce you to the most annoying player this season.
His name is Brandon.
Aww, looks like a clean cut, nice kid, right?
Well, Brandon has the distinction of being related to one of the most
hated contestants ever. Russel Hantz. 
Brandon is trying hard to separate himself from his uncle- smart.
He kept his relationship to himself- smart.
Then, he decided to tell everyone about his uncle-not smart.
Also, he has a vendetta against Mikayla.
Why, you ask. What did this cute girl do?
Except be cute.
Brandon keeps saying things like, 'I'm a married man.' and ' I'm faithful to my wife.'
OK, but Mikayla hasn't flirted or run around in anything more skimpy than the others.
I mean, we've had some real flirts on this show, and she isn't one of them.
My take on it- he's totally attracted to her and can't handle it.
Honestly, it's all he can talk about, how she just has to go home. 
Luckily, no one is listening to him.

I'm saying a big thanks to Dawn for bringing modest clothes with her.
A tank top may not seem like a big deal, but when you have
teenage boys watching these girls in their bras and undies, it's 
nice to have someone who's covered!
I found out that my friend lives in Dawn's neighborhood. How cool is that?

(P.S. I have some BIG news, I can't wait to share!)
(No, I'm not pregnant.)


  1. Can't wait for tonight! I really kinda hope Brandon goes home soon. He kind of gives me the creeps. I wonder how much of that is editing!?

  2. What big news?!?!?!
    I can't wait to hear!!!

  3. I don't watch Survivor but I sure hope you keep posting the updates because I love reading them! and...I too, can't wait to hear this big news!


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