Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Welcome to our Halloween Home!
Here's some pics from our party.
It was fun and I'm a little sad about taking all the 
decorations down.

On to Thanksgiving and the holidays.
(My decorating ideas came from

If you look to the left you'll see the button for NaBloPoMo-
National Blog Posting Month. 
Since I'm taking part, I'll be posting daily. (Hope you don't get sick of me!)
Todays subject idea was this-
If your next meal was going to be your last,
what would it be?
Mine- a really good chimichanga, spanish rice,
and chips and salsa.
Washed down with a diet Coke, of course.
What would yours be?

1 comment:

  1. mine would be mexican too -- today as we drove home (and I was hungry but vowed not to eat out much anymore) I looked at Chipotle and Cafe Rio with longing eyes.

    That whole eating out thing (even if it's just me - when I sneak away when the kids are in school) bit our budget in the butt -- so I'm taking it day by day. Kindof like you and diet coke -- I'm committed....sort of.:)


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