National Xray Day

Seriously, it is. 
You can look it up here.
In my life, I've had a total of one x-ray.  
My kids have more than made up for that.  
One I really wish I had was of Noah's 9 month-old chest,
with a penny stuck in his throat. 
But, still, I have this one-

 This happened 2 years ago at our family reunion.
Max fell off some monkey bars. 
Here's what it looked like to us.
What's worse than that?

Having your most active kid in a cast all summer. 
We're celebrating today by not having any x-rays done.


  1. I think I remember that blog post. It still looks painful.

  2. Oh that was gross, I SO would have freaked out!!

  3. OMG. I am so glad I have never had a need for x-rays. 29 and nothing broken (knock on wood!)


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