Random Saturday

What’s on your mind?
  • ·         Does my Barbie avatar look frumpy or pregnant? Because she/I  are not pregnant.
  • ·         I sometimes wish I actually looked like my avatar. Even if my measurements were 38-12-42.
  • ·         Everytime I type ‘actually’, I type acturally, then, I have to fix it.
  • ·         If you’re going to be on Price is Right and you bid $1 over someone else, don’t apologize.  You’ve given them no chance to win unless they get it on the nose. Own your rudeness. It is a game after all.
  • ·         I watch Price is Right.  Some days.  It lost its appeal when the Handy Man and I went to the show years ago. But, it makes good background noise when I’m blogging. (The stage is really small.)
  • ·         I cut my own hair in July.  Now I’m stuck in this place where I keep cutting it, because I’m embarrassed to go to a stylist and explain why it’s so incredibly uneven.  “I don’t know. I guess it just grows that way.”
  • ·         I can’t roll my tongue.  As a kid, this was a serious flaw.
  • ·     When my husband and I were dating, he gave me a t-shirt he’d gotten from work.  Then, one night, I wore it on a date and he wore the same shirt.  We were both embarrassed the whole night. I  don’t know why I didn’t just change before we left.  We swore we would never match again, even when we’re old. 
  •       I got on facebook to check on my kids. Now I'm on it more than them.


  1. My avatar is crudely-drawn (by me) and two-dimensional with a serious case of the frizzies and she still looks better than me most days.

  2. No the Barbie does not look pregnant!


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