Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

I'm glad I didn't grow up in the technological age that my kids are in. Oh, not that I wouldn't have loved facebook- being able to share all my teenage angst with the world- heaven. Or cell phones. Texting would've made my conversations so much quicker and easier.
'Did you see Ty today? He wore that velour sweater. He's totally  awesome!'
'Can I borrow your hairspray? My bangs are falling.'

No, the thing that would've made my life awful is the movies.  I was a big chicken.  Once, we saw a Halloween special that highlighted several horror movies. The shower clip from Psycho scared me for months. I literally showered while looking above me the whole time. Hard to shave your legs like that. I saw Jaws in jr. high and commenced to watch for sharks in every pool I swam in.  Chicken.  With all the cgi stuff they have these days, I probably wouldn't have gone to the movies, not the scary ones anyway. 

Nowdays, there are other things that scare me.  Rational or not, these are my fears.

Holy crap!
(image from metro.co.uk)

  • Whales. Especially blue ones. Do you know how big those things are? When I see those pictures of people in kayaks right next to a whale, I start to hyperventilate.
  • Going up the stairs in the dark. I'm sure someone is going to grab my foot. It takes all my self-control to not look behind me as I ascend. (That's an excellent way to drop a load of laundry.)
  • Rutger Hauer. I saw the Hitcher when I was in high school. That one didn't need cgi.

  • Spiders. I saved the worst for last.  I cannot say enough about how I feel about these creepy crawlers. You can read some of my sentiments about arachnids here.

What are you afraid of?


  1. I blogged about the time I spent a week in the hospital because of a spider bite - spiders definitely creep me out.
    I laughed at your Rutger Hauer fear (sorry). He was pretty scary, though, in the Hitcher. Seriously.

  2. I'm not really thrilled about spiders but they don't creep me out anywhere near as badly as Rutger Hauer does. Even his name sounds sort of menacing.

    The shaving while looking up might easily have resulted in a bloodier shower scene than what actually happened in Psycho. Especially if it had been me trying that maneuver. :)

  3. I am creeped out by today's movie .. trailers.
    Ugh, People say women usually like thrillers and horror movies. I'm not one of those. I like the chick flicks. Oh yeah makes me sound all girly and what not, but honestly I don't care! Just a few movie covers make me sleepless and freaked out.
    I agree with Masked Mom, if i had tried that .. it would have resulted in ambulance need for sure.

  4. I'm the girl who would climb the tree and then couldn't get down...too scared! Heights! I have terrible visions of taking my kids to the mountains and they fall off cliffs...I hate ferris wheels and ski lifts. I would love love love to overcome this fear!

  5. Any sort of large sea life kind of gives me the willies. They're just so alien. Snarfed my coffee at Rutger Hauer. I've never seen him in anything because I, too, am a big chicken when it comes to movies. My husband and I checked out "The Others" a few years ago and got so scared we had to turn it off and wait until the next day to watch it during daylight hours.

  6. I think Rutger Hauer is terrifying, too. ;)

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award/meme today. You can check it out at http://everylittleblessing.com/?p=218 if you'd like to participate. And thank you for the laugh today! We share some fears!

  7. S. Staus- I had to do that same thing with 'What Lies Beneath'. My kids think it's funny.

  8. I'm afraid of heights, spiders and failing as a mother. I do love a good thriller/suspense movie. It can even be a bit creepy. But I do not like, will not watch, the gore movies.


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