Happy Random Holiday-Day

I've discovered that I miss out on a lot of holidays. 
Did you know it's California Dried Plum Digestive Month? 
I need to go buy some dried plums.

Today is Fancy Rat and Mouse Day. 
Also National Hugging Day. 
Thankfully, not National Hugging Fancy Rats and Mice Day. 
I'd have to abstain.
(Did you even know they have an organization for fancy rats and mice?)
check it out here.

This week is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week.
I'm fresh, the Handy Man squeezed me and I drank juice. 
Nailed it.

It's Bald Eagle Appreciation Day. 
Here you go-

Appreciate me!
 Did you know that when you see eagle on tv
and they make that cool screech, it isn't an eagle?
It's a hawk.
Eagles chirp. 
Not very majestic.

Also, today is the end of 
Healthy Weight Week.
Dang! I missed it.
Guess I'll try for next year.


  1. I am so intrigued by the Fancy Rats and Mice. I shall have to investigate this further. What in the world did we used to do without the internet?

  2. I need a hug :) but not from a rat

  3. Chirp....you're right, not at all what I imagined!

  4. Rats? Mice? What? Even they have a day! When's National Blogging day?!

  5. S. Stauss- I know. There are so many useless facts I'd have never known with the internet.
    Judy- I'm sending you a hug.
    Lia- I learned that on a field trip with Max. We heard that eagle in the picture. It's a loud chirp, but a chirp all the same.
    Larissa- If there isn't a National Blogging Day, we should start one!!

  6. I'm thinking appreciation for your observation of National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week should get its own day. ;)


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