Random Friday

The random thoughts going through my brain today.

1. A flat surface in my house, any flat surface, given enough time (like 2 days), will look like this-

2. Teaching your child to spell is not 100% a good idea.

3. If someone saw the laundry and magazines and Eagle Scout project supplies taking up my bed, they might assume I'm a hoarder. (No picture, because I doubt you want to see my unfolded laundry.)

4. I rock at making teacher appreciation bulletin boards. (Also, I can't spell bulletin. I had to look it up. duh.)

5. Cars are tools of the devil. Plain and simple. Today, I would like to do to my car what Cameron did to his dad's in Ferris Beuller. You know, kick the crap out of it, then send it flying-

Pretty sure the insurance wouldn't cover it, though.

6. What's worse than having your car break down on your way home from the junior high school? Missing a massage because your car broke down on the way home from the junior high school.

7. Is there anything that can make your day bright after missing a massage? The kindness of strangers. Thanks to Shelley for not just letting me use your phone, but for giving two people you've never met a ride home. Heaven took notice, I'm sure.


  1. I so appreciate your #3 - - my bedroom is a big fat mess and I can't wait to "remodel" (paint) when all my kids are out of the house - - again :) Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers - pay it forward !!

  2. #6 made me cry for you a little bit. Good thing #7 makes it a little easier to bear. Have a great weekend!

  3. You made me laugh out loud when I started reading this, and had the strongest urge to yell "TAWANDA" when I got to #5... however, there is a resolution for #6... draw up #8 tonight and include that spa/massage time then :-) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. #1 is my house after a week of me working and the family being in charge of themselves...I think I'll tackle it tomorrow!

  5. This was such a great post :) Number 1 could be a picture of any surface in my flat too, though I don't think I need 2 whole days to get to that level, I work fast! Cookies make my day bright :D

  6. @Judy- I did manage to get the mess off my bed. I won't say where I put it, tho.
    @TangledLou- It's okay. I got to reschedule the massage.
    @November Rain- There's a lot of things I could yell while I beat up my car.
    @Michelle- Good luck on the house. Kids in charge of themselves is a bit scary.
    @Nikki- I may have exaggerated the time a bit. It doesn't take me that long either.

  7. Thank you for sharing all of those random thoughts. Gutted about your car, great about the random kindness, Other peoples houses are the same as mine - Yay. I no longer feel alone in a sea of minimalist and pristine homes.

    PS I love your teacher appreciation board, I'm sure it will make the teachers day!

  8. #2 was hilarious--and all too familiar.


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