What my Kids would call Epic Failure

I will write a post. I will sit here until inspiration strikes. I will..

Wonder what's new on facebook. Oooh, I have a friend request. Oh, it's my brother-in-law. deny.

Back to the blog. Start my homework assigned by Deb at Kicking Corners. Isn't her blog title awesome? I haven't done homework in a long time. I wonder if Jake finished his homework. What are we going to have for his graduation party?

Write. Write. What was that post that was tumbling around in my head? Where's that picture I took?

Pictures. Hmm. Wonder what's on Pintrest. Oh, cool. I need that recipe. I need that organizer.  I need that treehouse.

I need to write. adkfjeiojofnvoirejfjoeir  Nope. Nothing.

Better check my email.  Mail? Did I get the mail today?

This has been my day. I've started no less than 4 posts. Not counting this one. I'm not giving up.  I'm going to sleep on it.



  1. I think we all have days like this. Hope it gets better...more productive...less distracting!

  2. I can always look back on my blog and see where I "forced it." Although in your case, even your forced stuff is funny. Show-off.

    1. Ditto from me, see we all get writers block sometimes. I couldn't ever come up with an original comment look ;-)

      Ps still found what you wrote funny!!

  3. At least you're creative about not knowing what to write about! I just say "not in the mood" !!

  4. "I'm not giving up. I'm going to sleep on it." It's all about the spin. ;)


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