And the winner is.......

Time flies when you're having fun. Or when you're spending your minutes reading.  It took me several days, with many, many interuptions.  ("Mom, can I have a fruit snack?"    "Mom, I need a drink?"   "Mo-o-om! Max is annoying me!") My children have not grasped the concept of Mom is Working.  They don't think I work.  We won't go into that right now.

So, I finished. And, I have to say,  I'm happy.  Happy with my work and happy that it's ready to go out. Shoot. Happy just turned into nervous.

I appreciate everyone who commented and guessed. I honestly had no idea how long it would take me.  Turns out, it takes 8 hours and 3 minutes to read my book out loud. (If you're also deleting/adding/editing.)  That means the winner is Michelle, who guessed 8 hours. Wow! Only 3 minutes off. That's some pretty magnificent guessing right there!  (The chapters are on their way to your inbox.)

Next, I need to get my query letters sent. Blech.  I've done this before and I dread the rejections that will be filling my email.  But, hopefully there will be at least one who likes it. All I need is one.


  1. Me?!!!! I won?!!! So cool! I can't wait to start reading! =)

  2. Foiled. Again. DOH.

    Congrats, Michelle!

  3. :-( downside to being behind on my blog reading I missed all the fun!! Good Luck ;-)


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