Visiting a Friend

Today I am guest posting on Faith in Ambiguity. I love Tara's blog. She's such a great writer, and she's honest and open and not afraid to take risks. I admire all those things about her.
 So, click over and read me there. Then, go back next week when she comes back and read her stuff. It's more than worth it.


  1. Ah...I related tremendously to your blog post you wrote for Faith in Ambiguity. I've been struggling with that very thing myself lately. How to keep a good balance when it comes to the internet...or as you so perfectly put it...dig and prune and maybe plant some real flowers. :) (My biggest weed is without a doubt Facebook. I never even dared open a Pinterest account, so worried was I about getting addicted.) :)

  2. Love both you guys, heading over there now....


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