Happy Halloween

It's here! All Hallow's Eve, also known as 'Day of Free Sugar' in my house.  I swear, my kids look forward to this day almost as much as Christmas. Noah has been counting down since September 1st.

Personally, I like Halloween.  I have great memories of trick-or-treating in the dark, behind a plastic, flammable mask.  The Handy Man hates today. Hates. It. (You can read about that here.)  Whatever. I'm not about to deny my children free candy.  It's also a good day to teach about sharing. With me.

I'm not much into costumes, though. I have a hard time spending $20 on something they'll wear one day. (OK, Noah would wear his for weeks if I let him, but still.)  So, we usually go with something homemade, with lots of makeup added in. Tonight, we'll have a legion of zombies- so easy, rip up a shirt, put on some facial gore, and you're good to go.
But, there are some costumes that would be more appropriate.


The kid loves school. It's the best part of his day. Of course, he's only in kindergarten. Today, he told me, "Mom, you should get a job at my school. My school is so fun!"   Too bad we can't bottle up his enthusiasm and pour it on him when he's in high school.


He goes from the moment he wakes up till he collapses in bed at night. Last week, I took him to the doctor (for his ADHD meds) and he was doing 'the worm' on the exam table. The pediatrician had no qualms about renewing his prescription, even offered to increase the dose. (Wish she'd offered me something!)

If I could somehow dress him up as a schedule, that would be perfect.  His autism, which made life so hard when he was younger, now makes him incredibly responsible.  I never have to remind him to do his homework or practice the viola.  Maybe I should have him remind me of things.


Aw, cute huh? So sweet, just like a baby. Yeah, don't be fooled. Those cute little things suck you in. Wouldn't it be great to have like 7 of them?  Mmm- ya. That was Spencer. The sweetest thing-EVER. Then, he became a teenager, hormones hit, and, like overnight, this happened-


Forget Freddy Kruger- teenagers are scary!

The Handy Man-

Yep, he's my knight in shining armor. Even if he does hate Halloween.

As for me? I'd like a pageant dress and tiara.  My sash? That would be easy. It would say-

Meanest Mom in the World


  1. Ha ha! I love it, especially your sash! Obviously I'm a little more into costumes, but that's because I'm crazy.

  2. great custom too whether you're into costumes or not ..
    no need to want to add our all saints day to this !!

  3. I love love love that!!! A beautiful princess complete with tiara . . . meanest mom in the world sash! priceless!!

  4. I'm with the Handyman. HATE Halloween. But I do let my under the age of 12 kids dress up and go, and I'm kind enough to let those older than 12 take them. Win for everybody (yes, the teenagers complain the whole time - I toss them another piece of candy in the hope of keeping their mouth too full for them to be understood.)

  5. I love homemade, so much better than mass produced costumes (although a necessary evil when running late aka me!!)

    I alwys think homemade is a sign of a mum who has gone the extra mile.

    'meanest mum'.....nah 'super mum' fits you much better ;-)

  6. Love this! So funny! Miss you!

  7. Hubby has always hated Halloween, too. The kids and I used to love it--and we almost always did the homemade costumes, too both because it was smarter from a budgetary standpoint and because it was more fun.

  8. Can you let me know if and where you find such a sash? I'd wear it every day. And Free Candy Day is THE BEST.


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