Happy Birthday, Handy Man

Of all the things I could give the Handy Man for his birthday, a post on here is not on his wish list.  He doesn't like attention of any kind. Well, not the public kind, anyway.  But, it's his day and I'm going to post about him. (Love you, babe!)

Here's a few things about my husband-

  • He lived in the same house his whole life (age 5 on). His parents still live there.
  • He is the 8th of nine children.

  • Growing up, he was shy and not very social. (Hasn't changed.)
  • His hard working ethic has been firmly in place from a very young age.  He's always had a job, since high school.
  • He went on a mission for our church to Rochester, NY.  This is where we met. (In Buffalo, actually.) This was a good way to meet, as we were just friends. (Missionaries are strictly forbidden to date--anyone.)
  • He loves movies. And Mexican food. 
  • He hates parties or any occasion that involves socializing.
  • In the 21 years we've been married, he's called in sick maybe 6 times. (Not including the time he tried to chop off his foot with an ax.)
  • He has worked at the same job for 17 years.  He makes cabinets and is the shop foreman. The cabinet making has become quite high-tech and he runs a CNC, which is a large, computerized cutter.
  • No, I do not have cabinets made by him. What he makes is way too expensive for us to afford.
  • He's fiercely loyal.
  • Tho' he is affectionate with me and our kids, he doesn't like hugs from others. A fact which my brothers love to exploit. 

  • Though he'd rather have a root canal than speak in church, he has a strong testimony of the gospel.
  • He honors his priesthood.
  • He fulfills his callings, even when it stretches him and requires him to do things he hates. (Like speak or teach.)
  • He says beautiful prayers.
  • He adores me. This is one of his best qualities.
Happy Birthday to my sweetheart, my partner, my support, and my very best friend.


  1. Oh, so sweet. What a guy. Happy birthday to your Handy Man. It just fills me with such faith and such joy to hear about good people just hanging out, quietly being good. Give him a hug from me. ;)

  2. This is so sweet... (:

    Happy Birthday, Handy Man! Many blessings for you and yours! (:

  3. I am crying. Happy birthday, Handy Man! From a purely selfish perspective, I am ridiculously happy that one of my favorite bloggers has such a wonderful man in her life. From a random-lady-from-Chicago perspective, I'm terribly jealous you have a husband who can fix things. What I wouldn't give. In a lot of ways (work ethic, never calling in sick, devotion to family), he reminds me of Joe. I think they'd like each other (shy guys LOVE Joe because he can talk a blue streak and throw in stories about fires & gross medical emergencies). Should they ever get together, I'll just have him put down the beer and watch the language. Joe can be colorful sometimes.

    1. I'm a blessed girl.

      When I had my husband read your comment, he said, "We need to get together with them." I can assure you the language would not phase him, neither would the beer. And, I'm all for the fire and gross medical stories!

    2. It's a date, then. Next time we visit a "U" state (and after Joe hits at least one of the local "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives" restaurants), we're coming by!

  4. ahhhh...I'm sure he (kind of ) loves this attention...Happy Birthday to your "handy man".....

    1. He talks a lot about not liking it, but I'm sure he appreciates it- just a little bit.

  5. Hope your Handy Man had a happy birthday and hope he enjoyed his sweet tribute. ;)


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