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Puppy Love

Sadie has been asking for a puppy for a very long time. She promised she would take care of it, pay for it, blah, blah. I told her that because she has school, I would be the one to take care of the dog.  So, we put her off.

Then, last week, I was on facebook and saw that my long-time friend had one puppy left.  Getting another dog was not something we'd been considering, but one look at his cute face and I sort of fell in love.

I showed his picture to Sadie, and she joined me in my adoration.  So, after a couple days of messaging and calls, the Handy Man and I went to Salt Lake to pick up Chandler. (Sadie's name for him.)

Riding home.
My kids are all smitten. Noah follows him around like a bodyguard.  If he comes up missing, I'm sure it'll be because Noah swallowed him whole.

I will eat you up!
 Even my husband likes him.  It's sort of hard not to.  (Unless you're the resident dog, who's been around for 8+ years. He, Patrick, avoids Chandler at all cost. Maybe he thinks if he ignores him, he'll go away.)
Napping together.
(Please ignore my messy bedroom.)

After just two days, he already knows he belongs to her and he follows her around the house.  It's adorable.
Mommy and her baby.
He adores her already. She's smitten,
except for all the times he's peed on her bed.
Best part? She gets to clean up after him & pay for his shots, grooming, etc. I'd say that it'll teach her responsibility, but she already has that. Which is one of the reasons she got him.


  1. Love it! Love seeing him so happy and that Sadie is fully in charge!

  2. So adorable!! We'll never, ever have a dog. Sigh. Darn allergies...

    1. That is sad. We're very lucky that we don't have allergies in our house.

  3. Owwnnn... excuse me while I drool and oohh and awww over this cutie...

    Tell her she's a very lucky girl.. (:

  4. I love that you know exactly where to look if Chandler comes up missing. Chandler is a great name, by the way. Seems as if coming up with cool names is a genetic trait in your family's case. Not so much in mine (Mo's suggestion for the baby which he swears will be a girl: Brother Hamston. Right.)

    Grats to Sadie and the whole enamored family, and especially you who gets a cute puppy without all the bothersome clean up. Win-win!

    1. The names don't seem so cool when you know they came from TV. (Patrick from Spongebob and Chandler from Friends.)
      Brother Hamston? Hammie for short? Love it.

  5. Sweet! My daughter asked for a hamster, a kitten or a puppy for years, ignoring the fact that we had two family dogs. One day my husband and I looked at each other and asked what were we saying no for? That puppy is now three years old, and I adore the way her tail wags her whole body in joy when she see's her girl.

    1. Yep, any misgivings I had all melted away when I saw the two of them together.

  6. Your are a good mom. There is not enough Benadryl in the world to get me to do the same. But I will say, he is rather cute.

  7. The puppy is adorable and so is the joy your family is taking in him. I remember when ours were still portable--seven years and sixty pounds (each) ago. ;)


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