Feral Thoughts

Some days, ideas come to me like a spring rainstorm.  Thoughts drop and pelt my brain until it flows over into my fingers and onto my screen. I cannot type fast enough, as my thoughts race ahead of me, looking back, urging me to hurry.

Other day, ideas avoid me- wild, feral cats who want nothing to do with my tame brain. I chase them, getting oh, so close. Just as I'm about to touch one, grab it's striped tail, it scurries away and hides beneath a rock. Then, I sit, hands still, hoping one of them will wander over and join me. They stay back, watching me warily,  sending an occasional hiss my way.

Today is a cat kind of day.  And, I really don't like cats.

(feral- domesticated species that has reverted to living in the wild.)


  1. I really don't like cats either. Thank you for sticking with a cute puppy photo. (: What if I give all the ideas I want to write about, (but have no time to because dumb academic papers are apparently more important), to you and then we'll both be happy! :D

  2. I like the kind of cats who curl up in your lap and purr and make your whole body vibrate. The feral ones? Not so much. I don't like dogs, either, though. All that crotch sniffing and poo handling with plastic bags.

    I really don't like when the ideas go scurrying away to hide and eat garbage and groom themselves and taunt you. I've had a feral cat kind of month. I'm going to blame the cold and flu season. I always get panicky like "This is it. I've now reached the end of my talent and creativity and there is nothing left. Nothing at all."

    Here's hoping your ideas come and purr for you soon! xo

  3. My thoughts are attracted to long, hot showers and instrumental music, but there are days when even that doesn't bring them in. When that happens I make them jealous by brainstorming something completely new. Even if it doesn't bring them running, it helps pass the time while you're waiting them out. Good luck!

  4. Fun post. But I do love my cats. (You just have to tame 'em)

  5. I like cats. But that's because I'm allergic. I think it's a rule or something...people who would actually like to have a cat have to be allergic.

    Can I just say that I love the title of your post? I tend to get mini-obsessed with things, and a few years ago I read every single thing I could about feral children. Feral is a very cool word.

  6. You know how I feel about pets, so I won't get myself in anymore trouble there.

    I've taken to jotting down "BRILLIANT" ideas for posts. But when I look back at what I wrote? Can't read my own flippin' handwriting. Sucks.

    It does ebb and flow.

  7. I'm all too well acquainted with feral thoughts.


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