Love Week- Day Two- Make Me Laugh

Children's laughter. Belly laughs. Giggles. Smirks.

That moment when you're so very tired and you start to laugh and can't stop.

When you're sitting in church and your sister makes a comment and you just can't help yourself- even though you know your mom is furious.

Watching America's Funniest Home Videos with your kids.

Noah's giggling when the puppy licks his face.

I love laughter.  I love the endorphin rush when you laugh loud and hard.  I love making people laugh.

Laughter is happy.  It may be nervous or halting. But, it can build a bridge, make a connection and relieve stress.

I grew up in a house where we laughed often. When we all get together, I can be assured that my sides will ache.

I love when my house is filled with laughter.  Things may not be ideal around here, but we can always laugh.

(A year ago, at our girl's weekend, my sister shared this with us. It was one of those 'laughing-so-hard-you-can't-breathe' moments. Hope you like it.)


  1. Oh me too- nothing better than a good laugh. Your post reminded me of this story I read a while back. Maybe it'll give you a good, clean gut laugh like it gave me :) Here it is:

  2. Darn- no link. Type it in it's worth it!

  3. My daughter and I would get into the most awesome laughing fits. For. no. reason. I just said good-bye to her for the last time for 18 months. I don't feel like laughing just now.

  4. I was annoyed after a long week and the kids were playing upstairs while Joe and I were trying to sleep in. The boys got a fit of the giggles and I shoved a pillow over my head to block out the noise. My husband was all "Are you CRAZY? That's the best sound EVER."

    He was right. As are you.

  5. That video was hilarious--not just the comedian, but some of the laughter in the background was hysterical, too. Thanks for the giggle.

    Regarding Funniest Home Videos--the music montage thing where there's forty videos smushed together in like a minute gets me laughing so hard I end up on the verge of needing medical treatment. It's juvenile, I know, but like I always say, "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever."

    I'm off to order my "no moleste" T-shirt now. :)


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