Time Keeps on Slippin'

During my stint at work last month, I met a lot of new people. A couple times, when I introduced Adam as my son, I got this response -- "You do not look old enough to have a 20 year-old son."  To which I would demurely bat my eyelashes and say, "Why, thank you."

I don't mind looking younger, I mean, come on, who doesn't want to? I don't usually feel my age, either. Not what I thought it would feel like, anyway. And, with 50 looming on the horizon, I'll tell you, that big number doesn't seem so old now, either.

But, sometimes, I want to wear my age. It weighs on me, and I'd like to it to be acknowledged. I've earned all those gray hairs I so carefully hide with the help of L'Oreal. I may not have a bunch of crows feet yet, but trust me, my body has signs.

For example, when I was told I look young, I could have lifted my shirt and showed off the stretch marks and stretched skin from carrying 7 extra large babies. (Of course, the mere suggestion of me lifting my shirt would've sent people running.)

Also, my hands are more wrinkled than they used to be. My nails are brittle. Gravity, that old thief, has taken any hope of perkiness my chest ever had. And, don't even get me started on my teeth. (Floss, people, floss!)

Mostly, I'm proud of the mental part of my age. I'd be interested to know if our brains wrinkle like our skin. You know, artists may have a more crinkled right half, while those CEO's are sporting lines on the left. If that's true, my brain surely has some extra wrinkles in its already funky appearance, and that's ok. Because, I've learned a lot during my 46 10/12 years.

 Here's a few things I know now, that I didn't know then-

  • A child covered in red lipstick will appear like a child covered in blood- until you put your glasses on.
  • Make-up, while a worthwhile pursuit on most days, is not necessary in the emergency room.
  • Cleaning throw-up, after a while, will become easier. Listening to puking will always trigger the gag reflex.
  • A thick sweater will nicely cover a wet spot left by your nursing pad fail.
  • Things that were once taken for granted will become sheer luxury, like, going to the bathroom without interruption, and drinking a soda without sharing.
  • Naps are NOT just for children.
  • The food groups/pyramid/plate are not as important as getting a picky child to eat something, anything.
  • Date night does not have to involve going out of the house. Take out and a lock on the door are all that's needed.
  • Getting older is ok. Kids moving out is ok. Leaving a stage of life is frightening, but the next one will be just as thrilling.
  • When someone says you look too young for something, don't disagree. Smile and say, "You're right, I am."


  1. Definitely not that old!! And the gag reflex never goes, drat!

  2. um have i told you how much i love you? even at 28, i still have to put my glasses on to see if it's lipstick or blood on three year old daughter's face. it's usually lipstick.

  3. You my friend are a child-genius. :)


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