Survivor- Blood vs. Water

Yes, the new season of Survivor began last week. Yes, it was awesome. (And, yes, I'm a bit behind in my post about it.)

The twist for this season is loved ones. Ten players from past seasons returned with a loved one.  Here are some of the moments from the first episode.

Best non-Surprise- When Jeff informed the players that they wouldn't be on a tribe with their loved ones. Really? Did they not see that coming? This is Survivor, people. I think it's a great idea, make them battle their husbands/wives/daughters/fiances imagine the issues they could work out through mud-wrestling and swimming races.   The newbies tribe is Tadhana. The returning players, Galang.

Biggest Whiner- Seriously?They brought back Colton? He promised he was a changed man. I really felt for him when he was crying about the bullying he's endured because he's gay. To hear that even his family has treated him badly broke my heart. And, then, the challenge happened. First, he was lazy, paddling like he was on a pleasure cruise. (Do-do-do. Are we in a race?)  Then, when his tribemates prodded him, he got downright mean.  Add a little stress and the true Colton comes out.

Best Quote of the Night- this one belongs to Colton again. "I'm a living, breathing human being, just like everyone else."  True, now how about you treat others that way?

Biggest Disappointment- Redemption Island. I don't like this part of Survivor. I know it's supposed to add to the drama. Whatever,if they're voted out- they're out.

Worst Show of Bad Sportsmanship- When Galang won the challenge, Gervase started talking smack to the other tribe. Not only was he a bad sport, he'd almost singlehandedly lost the challenge by not keeping up and having to be dragged through the water. He was rewarded for this by his niece being voted out by the Tadhang tribe. Sadly, I doubt he cares much.

Best Example of Older Women and their Power- when the Galang tribe was way behind in the challenge (we were sure they would lose) the three women who did the puzzle showed their mind skills and kicked the younger kids butts! Go Mammas!!

Most Romantic Survivor Moment EVER- Ok, we've had flirtations, snuggling, even a couple who fell in love and got engaged, but the most romantic moment in Survivor history happened on Wednesday night.  When the tribes had to vote someone off first thing, it was shocking. When the loved ones tribe almost unanimously voted off Laura, Rupert's wife, it was weird.  Rupert was obviously upset. Once both tribes had voted, Jeff told them that the loved one of the person voted off could trade places. Jeff couldn't even finish his sentence. Rupert stepped forward.  In that moment, with one step, Rupert showed so much love and commitment to his wife. Jeff continued to explain and Rupert continued toward his wife.  They didn't have to go home, but they did have to go to Redemtion Island. Rupert took Laura's place, went to Redemption Island, and made himself a place in the hearts of romantics everywhere.

Tomorrow, another episode. There will be a challenge at Redemtion Island to see who goes home, plus the normal drama of dropping 20 people on an island without food, shelter or, no, don't say it, their cell phones! 


  1. Do-do-do. Are we in a race? hahaha! I was totally thinking the same thing.

  2. I'm so glad we're watching this together again, but we NEVER like the same people!! ERG. I liked Rupert the first go-around, but after that, I think he started believing his own hype and got full of himself. Not sure who I'm cheering for this season yet, but looking forward to comparing notes!

    1. I'm not really rooting for Rupert. (Just thought he was romantic.) He's annoying most of the time. I think I like Vytas (brother to Aras). Something about him. Plus, I want a new player to win. I'm tired of them bringing back old players.

    2. Yes! And they're not even bringing back good ones! Where's the original Rob, the computer geek, i.e. "the best player who never won?" LOVED him!

  3. I have never gotten into Survivor. I think when it originally premiered it was opposite something we already watched. Back in those (for us) pre-DVR years, that was the kiss of death for any show. It's not that I have anything against the concept because, as my kids and my (very annoyed) husband can attest, I have sat through every episode of the various Road Rules/Real World Challenges on MTV--which have a somewhat similar premise--though with less deprivation. (Depravity, sometimes. Deprivation, not so much.)


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