Survivor Recap- Couch Potato Confessions

Hey! I'm getting my Survivor recap done before the next show airs. Yay me. (Come on, we have to celebrate our accomplishments, even the little ones!)

So, last week started off with a bang! Colton had a breakdown, mainly because he wasn't getting his way, and no one wanted to play with him.

(That's him wiping his eyes.
 Funny, I never saw an actual tear.)

What do I have to say to him? Bu-bye.  Look, I've been watching Survivor for as long as it's been on. I get that people are backstabbing and lying and being all kinds of devious. It's the game. But, Colton? He was just plain mean. That's uncalled for.

As Colton was blubbering, and Jeff was getting ticked (he HATES when people quit), Jeff said, "Lots of people like to watch adventure, it doesn't necessarily mean they really should get up off the couch."

This describes me to a 'T'.
I do much better watching from the comfort of my family room. Where it's warm. And dry. And no bugs are climbing on me.

Also, if I went on Survivor, my tribe would hate me.  

First, if I was there with my husband, and I hadn't seen him for three days, and we got together for a challenge- I would not stand nicely on my tribe mat and wave at him. I'd run over, shove Jeff out of the way and throw myself at the Handy Man. And probably lose the challenge in the process. They'd hate me.

Also, if I was there with my daughter and I had to do a challenge against her like last week's-

Sadie and I would get on that platform, take one look at each other, and collapse in laughter. 
Hate. Me.

Clearly, I'm one of the people Jeff was talking about. That's ok. I'm happy sitting on  my couch, eating white cheddar popcorn, and yelling at the TV.

And, back to my possible behavior after not seeing my husband? There were two women on Redemption Island, Candace and Marissa.  Guess who got voted out this time?  John- Candace's husband. Poor Marrissa. Being there with a couple? Who have been apart for a week? *ahem*  Give her a day or two and she might be ready to join Colton.


  1. LALALALALALALA. I'm a few episodes behind. LALALALALA.


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