The Good, the Bad, and the Line I've never Said

It's been a week. Not one for the record books or anything. But, you know, LIFE.

Good- gave a talk in church yesterday which went well. I actually like public speaking, so it wasn't nerve wracking or anything. This is one of those areas where my husband and I balance each other out. He'd rather have a root canal than speak.

Bad- Noah's foot (which he injured by stepping on a broken popsicle stick. Where he found a broken popsicle stick in my incredibly clean house is s mystery.) wasn't getting better. He limped around, and then started the one-foot-hopping again. So, back to Instacare, where he was diagnosed with an infection. He's on antibiotics. (Just FYI, if you tell your doctor that your kid is good at swallowing pills, maybe ask him how BIG the pills are going to be. Noah can swallow pills meant for people, not for horses. We cut them.)

Good- I went to the library last Monday to write. Got in over 1200 words-yay me!

Bad- That's the last time I wrote. I may be headed for another NaNo failure.

Good- Hunter turned 13.

Hunter and the enormous doughnut
his Deacon's quorum brought him.

Bad-I now have four teenagers.

Good- our local station started playing 24 hour Christmas music. (I'm listening to it now.)

Bad- they still play Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock.

Bad- my headache escalated yesterday to the staying-in-my-room-no-lights-or-noise-please state.

Good- the Handy Man stepped up and finished dinner, fed the kids and cleaned up after.

So, my life has been pretty much balancing out. I take the bad because it is tempered with good. Also, yesterday I realized it could be worse. I was standing in the gas station, diet Coke in hand, when a woman walked in and greeted the guy in front of us. He hugged her and asked,
"How's Tom."
She shrugged, "Locked up. Again."

I walked out thinking-- my life may not be perfect but at least I've never said those words.


  1. Ah, the dreaded Z-pak! Good thing it will kick that infections butt. I'm glad that your life is feeling balanced. I think that in itself is a blessing.

  2. KNOCK ON SOMETHING! For the love of God! Do it!

    And I will take your popsicle foot and raise you a chipped tooth!

    Never mind. You win. HOW many teenagers? Yea gads.

  3. I had to give a talk in church just recently also. It was the first time in this ward since we moved here 6 years ago! I guess we must've flown under the radar or something? Funny enough, I was more nervous to sing a solo in stake conference a month ago than to give my talk in sac. mtg. And yeah, I get that stake conference is a bigger to-do than sac. mtg. But I'm a heck of a lot better and more experienced at singing than speaking. So, go figure?


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