Happy Awareness Month

It's October baby! You know what that means, right? Yep, it's Apple Jack Month. I know you're all stocking up, getting ready to celebrate. Because, who doesn't love a bowl of Apple Jacks?

I'm always a bit overwhelmed by all the awareness that's forced upon us. You know, thanks to these movements we're all more aware of breast cancer and autism, which is good. But, sometimes, I think we go too far.

For example, this month is also Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Ok. Important. But, International Drum Month? Or Popcorn Month? I mean, does Popcorn really suffer from un-awareness?

I can totally get behind Cookie Month. In fact, I think we should all share our favorite cookie recipes. And, if anyone wants to share some actual cookies with me, I'm totally ok with that.

I find it really funny that October is National Vegetarian Month--and also Eat Country Ham Month. Guess they've got everyone covered.

I think we need a month for tired moms. Let's make sure everyone is aware of how hard it is. We could have a parade, where our kids pull us in wagons. And rallies where they feed us cookies and diet Coke. But, of course, no one would remember to make the posters, so we'd have to do it. And, we'd have to run to the store to get the cookie ingredients (and the diet Coke).  And, the wagon is probably broken, so we'll have to drive in the minivan where the kids would just fight in the back seat during the whole thing.

Never mind.

(BTW- it's also Awareness Month. So, please, just be aware.)


  1. Ooh. Cookies. I'm aware that your sense of humor is super-dee-duper. :)

  2. Adding Apple Jacks to my grocery list. NOT adding cookies. A million cheers for those vegetarians, though, right? Mushrooms, anyone? I hear they're your fav...


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